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Afro – Sri Lankans (Kaffirs) are a very small ethnic group in Sri Lanka who are descendants of African workers and soldiers brought to the island by Portuguese colonists in the 17th Century. The Afro – Sri Lankan community is merging with the Sri Lankan society and their African identity is not preserved in their culture or their language. Therefore, it was useful to visit and learn about this community.  The community is popular for their music and dance. They Sing the Kaffiringha and dance the Baila. Their songs are in Sri Lanka Portuguese creole and is called a Manja. The music is at a 6/8 beat and the dance style is African. Most researches focused on the Afro – Sri Lankan community living in Sirambi Adiya, Puttalem. Therefore, this information guide contains data on the Afro – Sri Lankan community living in Kalpitya, Thabbowa, and Trincomalee as well. As a tourist it’s best to visit Sirambi Adiya and meet Sherine Alex. She will provide you with information about her community and their music and dance. Please refrain from referring to them as Kaffirs as it is now regarded as a derogatory term, they are African Sri Lankans or Afro – Sri Lankans 




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